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Supplier Diversity Training

As subject matter experts to major corporations and government agencies, Procurement Resources conducts a number of seminars and conferences throughout the year in major U.S. cities.

We work with companies looking to develop or expand their supplier diversity program. We offer several solutions to meet the needs of any company regardless of size with a focus on staff training, strategic sourcing, infrastructure development and supply chain policy.

Most Requested Sessions

This fast moving, dynamic learning exercise focuses on the business case for supplier diversity, strategic sourcing, interpersonal skills, and jump starting your corporate program. This program is well suited to both the beginner and the advanced level.

This learning laboratory covers the issues relevant to government agencies offering 'race neutral' strategies to ensure compliance. It provides a new roadmap for Federal, State and Local Governments seeking to realign their DBE, SDB, WBE, MBE and veterans approach towards supplier diversity.

This highly interactive session centers on the “how to’s” involving supplier diversity execution. It will assist supplier diversity practitioners in taking your program to the next level through strategic alliances, supplier development strategies, and tactical initiatives to ensure added value for the company's business mission. Only participants with existing viable programs should attend.

Launching a viable 2nd tier initiative is a critical Corporate component of supplier diversity. Both corporations and government has repositioned the focus on the prime suppliers and contractors as partners to engage small business. This evolution of the procurement process calls for strategic initiatives to ensure that your company meets and exceeds government regulatory responsibilities as well as corporate policy.

This briefing will benchmark organizational performance under key ESG metrics. It will offer strategic options for sustained growth and brand appreciation.

Contact PRI to book a supplier diversity training or briefing session for your team.

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