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Community of Practice 

Maximizing our value in support of the mission. 

Supplier Diversity will only be achieved when we build the infrastructure supported by dedicated professionals aligned in support of the company, its mission, and its customers. That is the purpose of Community of Practice. . . We're building an informal foundation that serves as a base for sharing purpose, practices and outcomes that define the path forward for business inclusion and stakeholder engagement.

Join with us in this informal quarterly think tank designed to generate Peer Advisors working to support Supplier Diversity practitioners across every industry. As we build consensus and expand engagement we will address those issues most important to the continuing  evolution of Supplier Diversity:

  •  Stakeholder advocacy through collaborative engagement 

  •  Diverse Supplier capacity and scale 

  •  Supplier Diversity best practices offering replicative value 

  •  Executive sponsorship: How to generate and How to leverage it

  •  Supplier Diversity All Stars that drive customer value


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