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PBS Roundtable Video Series on DVD

The PBS Roundtable Video Series . . . a syndicated broadcast, Town Hall style video presentation, bringing together leaders of major corporations with minority and women enterprises.


We have selected 20 of the nation's premier corporations for a unique opportunity to share best practices in this Supplier Diversity Roundtable Series hosted by PBS stations in key regions throughout the U.S.

The Roundtable Series represents a national forum that brings together executives from some of America's leading corporations for an in-depth and candid discussion. It focuses on the most significant topics surrounding supplier diversity in corporate America:


  • The Business Case for Supplier Diversity

  • Staff Training & Team building

  • Second Tier Purchasing

  • Leadership Options

  • Strategic Alliances / Integrated Suppliers

  • Supply Base Consolidation & Cost Reduction

  • Global Sourcing & Supply Chain Management


Led by host and facilitator, Reggie Williams, panelists speak to the importance of supplier diversity as well as best practices that visionary companies are using to successfully meet these challenges. We also discuss successful business models, while sharing supplier diversity success stories. Corporate participants include: The Marriott Corporation, US Postal Service, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble, and several other leaders in supplier diversity.

Cost: $59.95 + $3.00 shipping & handling

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